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Fertility Law Guide

What Are The Different Roles Of Surrogacy Lawyers And Mothers?



Many of the mothers to be wanted to go the surrogacy route. The effect of the surrogacy law to the life of the mother and child is something that any mother to be should consider.


The creation of the third party reproductive law has only one purpose and that is to protect the mother to be, the surrogate mother and the rights of the child. In order for the process to be successful, the legal aspects plays an important role. The consideration of the financial aspect is also important as the money involved in the legal and maternal cost will play an important role.


The whole process of surrogacy may not be handled by parents to be as this involves cost, time and an ample amount of stress. It is the Children's Act law that will guide parents to be of the various element involved as well as the standards that are being set.


The surrogacy in Canada makes the surrogacy lawyers to be the custodian of surrogacy agreements. In order to understand the specialized field of the surrogacy law, you should always have a legal representative. In every surrogacy agreement, a lawyer must be always present. It is the job of the law In every surrogacy agreement, a lawyer must be always present. In cases where legal battle is needed, a lawyer will always be there to ensure the protection of all parties involved.


The agreement between the parents and the surrogate mother is the most important part. The agreement should always be approved by the court.


The validity of the surrogacy agreement will only be valid id the two parties have already consented to it. It is also important that the surrogate mother or one of the parents are domicile of the same country. The lawyers who prepared the agreement shall submit tit to the higher court.


The surrogate mothers responsibility will be tackled.


One of the prerequisites for a woman to be a surrogate's mother is to go counseling, therapy, and screening. Although the intended parents are the child's legal parents, the responsibility of carrying the child will be in the hands of the surrogate mother.


Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol may be included in the clause of the agreement. Natural or C-section will be the option of giving birth and it will be up to the surrogate mother.


Some reasons may prohibit a woman to be a surrogate mother, one  of these is for financial reasons. Out of goodwill, this is the only reason the court will allow a woman to be a surrogate mother. It will be the responsibility of the parents to be to grab the expenses that will occur during the pregnancy.


No matter where your end might be, it is still advisable to get the services of a surrogacy lawyer when entering into surrogacy agreements.