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Fertility Law Guide

Learn More About Fertility And Surrogacy Laws



Surrogacy in areas such as Canada and United States is a special kind of parenthood that involves delivery a baby and carrying child, including deliveries that are premature, under an agreement forged between substitute parent and commission couples who are seeking surrogacy pregnancy.  Usually, a substitute is impregnated by implanting the zygote into her womb.  The zygote that will be implanted are finished in a laboratory prior to the implantation through the gametes of commissioning couples, or in cases of incapability, from donor gametes. 


Since infertility rates have drastically increased in the past years, surrogacy in Canada and the United States has been an option for many couples.  Couples who are not financially capable to invest in such expensive process make it a point to travel to countries where they can have the same process undergone but with lesser costs.  There are countries that have provided surrogacy with lesser costs such as in Asia and in other parts of the globe.  However, patients who are looking to take this pat have to consider some factors such as political, moral, legal and ethical factors.


This article aims to tackle how married couples who are infertile can know the rights, as also discussed by surrogacy lawyer, that are indicated in the contracts made with substitute mothers, and these rights entail their opportunity to have biologically born babies from these surrogate parents, even though they are infertile, taking into consideration the provisions in the contract.  With these, couples should be able to consider moral and ethical matters related to these processes to avoid complications as seen on mass media that depict such processes. 


Physicians and doctors must also be able to consider these factors associated with the process of surrogacy in a very sensible way, as they adhere to provisions and use the advances in technology according to their own advantages, as well as informing the substitute mothers to stay professional and focused.  Aside from these doctors, the presence of solicitors if any, should also be able to take these matters seriously.  Surrogacy lawyers say that each person has the right to utilize their body and mind to make an action according to his or her free will.


On the part of commissioning couples who want to undertake the process of surrogacy, they should not the legal aspects and boundaries of this process of wanting to have a baby out of biological means.  Since many states do not talk about surrogacy in the laws such as in the United States, commissioning couples who wish to embark on this journey should learn the process in the most thorough way possible.