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Fertility Law Guide

Surrogacy: A Quick Guide



For couples who cannot conceive children but very much want to have one, surrogacy is one of their options.  Couples have given up the options of surrogacy because of high medical costs and legal barriers.  In some countries, the law favors the surrogate in terms of her choice to keep or relinquish the child at the end of the pregnancy.  High costs of fertility treatments and legal barriers are present in the US.  Thus, couples turn to medical tourism to provide a way around the barriers.


For couples choosing medical tourism for surrogacy, they need to know their options.  Before going to a medical tourism provider couples must know of the two types of surrogacy.


The traditional type is the straight or genetic surrogacy.  In this traditional type of surrogacy, the surrogate is the genetic mother.  Using artificial insemination, the egg of the mother is fertilized by the egg of the father of a male donor.  When couples find it hard to conceive by natural means they can opt for artificial insemination.   A surrogate with resemblance to the parent is another type of traditional surrogacy.  This type of surrogacy is not so common in medical tourism because of the difficulty of finding a surrogate who has the same skin, eyes, and hair color.  But there are couples who do not mind resemblance and so for them medical tourism is a viable option.


Another type of surrogacy is the kind where the surrogate has no genetic relation with the child.  Here instead of the embryo carried by the genetic mother, a third party will be given the embryo that resulted from the genetic mother and the genetic father.  The embryo will be developed in vitro or outside the womb before the surrogate will be given the embryo.  If pregnancy can be a health hazard to a couple then they can opt for this type of surrogacy.  Arrangement for this type of surrogacy is easy and the child is dependent on the surrogate's well being but not her genetic characteristics.


Now, couples can go overseas if they want to be a part of the Canada surrogacy law there.  There have been many success stories with surrogates getting pregnant and healthy babies delivered to the childless couple.


If you want to have children through surrogacy programs in medical tourism it is recommended that you consult your fertility specialist first for their opinion.  IF the specialist will feel that you are alright with a surrogacy programs then you can contact a reputable medical tourism provider so that you can determine the best steps to take.  The fertility lawyer can help you find an affordable, quality, surrogacy program.