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Fertility Law Guide

Using an Attorney for a Surrogacy Arrangement



The meaning of a surrogacy is where young couples that are unable to bear or conceive a child will be assisted in a reproductive technology which can provide an options for them. In which a high technological method in which includes a vitro fertilization that provides an alternative way to create and implant an embryo for pregnancy. Where a couple and a surrogate mother agrees that the surrogate will become pregnant and will deliver a child for the couple. When both parties will agree of the procedure both of them will enter into a surrogacy contract or agreement which has the details and terms of the process and also includes the cost. When couples have decided to start a family even they could not bear a child, then making a decision in using a sperm, egg or a surrogate to start all of the plan, then it can be a exciting time for everyone. But, fertility and surrogacy laws can be a painful obstacle.


The law will now encourage you to donate or be a surrogate when you haven't consulted yet a lawyer. Below are the ten reasons why to use an attorney to help you in a surrogacy agreement.


One, the experience, an experienced lawyer in working with young couples who could not bear a child and decided to have a surrogate can discuss to them some terms such as right at the outset, expectations in terms of timeline, the costs, issues that could pop-up, and the answers on your questions before starting to decide to use a surrogate.


Second its objectivity, it is impossible for couples to be objective and rational in choosing to have a surrogate, since the decision was mixed with emotions.


Third is contact, lawyers have many contacts of volunteers who are willing to help prospective parents, in which this lawyers will help the couple to locate them without hassle.


Fourth is the skills, a surrogacy lawyer has skills and experienced in conducting a surrogacy law, so it is better to use one.


Fifth is screening, an attorney also has contacts to help you screen potential volunteers.


Sixth is money, Lawyer will help you in finding a cheaper but reliable surrogate.


Seventh is relationship management, an attorney will help you to set up the type of relationship you want from your surrogate.


Eight is all about the dispute resolution, when in the middle of the pregnancy the lawyer will be the mediation to help resolve any disagreements that will arise.


Ninth is contract drafting, a fertility lawyer can help an enforceable surrogacy contract that will include the important details before, during and after pregnancy.


Tenth is your child, in having an attorney, you will have a higher chance to have a child.